A whole network of narrow-minded religious scholars has been advocating failure to dislodge autocratic government in their countries to American support of their rulers.

Support for Israel by the government fuels these sentiments and failure to resolve the Palestinian problem has been a powerful reason for strengthening the fanatics. The Al-Qaeda organization started with founding members from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Acts of terrorism within Egyptian visiting tourist have taken place for a long time. The bigots like the blind Sheikh have preached hatred against the West for a long time.

In his second book on the tragedy Cover-up, [Corbin, 2004] accuses the 9/11 commission of a ‘cover-up’ by going easy on the FBI. He argues for an overhaul of FBI to prevent a repeat of such a gross act of terrorism

[Corbin, 2002] in her book, “In Al-Qaeda: the Terror Network that Threatens the World” lists the opportunities missed by the intelligence agencies to prevent the 9/11 disaster. She describes Al-Qaeda as an organization with considerable skills in executing terrorist attacks.

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