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Affirmative action is a way through which the underrepresented groups of society are taken into consideration and policies are derived to provide them with equal benefits. The policies used are devoid of factors such as sex, nationality, race, religion or color. Affirmative action is a way of finishing discrimination against women and ethnic minorities which has been going on for centuries.

The policies used in affirmative action are used to provide equal benefits to minorities in the employment and education sector, as well as health programs. In the past, minorities and women were underrepresented in areas of business, employment and education; the policy of affirmative action deals with increasing their representation in society.

Affirmative action first began in the United States under the presidency of John F. Kennedy. The affirmative action then too was used in reference to achieve equality and to finish discrimination against minorities and women. The same procedures have been used in other countries however it is referred to in different names; in India, it is known as reservation, employment equity in Canada and positive discrimination in the UK. Other countries…

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