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Fiber optics technology has many best advantages, some of them are:

  1. Enormous potential bandwidth: the optical carrier frequency in the range 1013 to 1014 Hz offers the potential for a fiber information carrying capacity that is many orders of magnitude in excess of that obtained using copper cable or wideband radio systems. This allows fibers to simultaneously carry voice, data, image and video signals.
  2. Small size and weight: an optical fiber is often no wider than the diameter of a human hair; thus even after applying protective layers, they are far smaller and much lighter than corresponding copper cables. This is a great boon to alleviating duct congestion in cities.
  3. Immunity to interference and crosstalk: they form a dielectric and are therefore free from electromagnetic interference.
  4. Signal security: as light from a fiber does not radiate significantly, a transmitted optical signal cannot be obtained non-invasively, thus confirm a high degree of signal security.
  5. Low transmission loss: with losses as low as 0.2 dB/km, this feature only has become a major advantage of optical fiber as extremely wide repeater spacings (70 to 100km) may be used in long-haul communication links. This, in turn, condenses both system cost and complexity.
  6. System reliability and ease of maintenance: due to the low loss property, system dependability is generally improved in comparison to conventional electrical conductor systems. Furthermore, the reliability of optical components has predicted lifetimes of 20 to 30 years.

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