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Traditionally the place of the father in a family in both eastern and west societies was that of head of the family who was responsible for providing for his children and spouse, and their emotional connection with their offspring was not considered as important as that of the mother who was responsible for looking after the children and providing all the emotional support and love, while fathers were the disciplinarians who made the rules and their authority could not be questioned. This created an emotional gap between the children and their fathers. Today psychologists and sociologists believe that Fathers’ assistance to the care of their children, mostly when children are very small, is significant. As more and more women have started working and the divorce rates have gone up fathers are now playing a more active role in the family- they are not on the sidelines as in the past, rather they try to be more involved and emotionally supportive of their offspring. It is evident that fathers’ active role in a child’s life is both nurturing a positive emotional reinforcement.

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