Sample Research Paper

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The second paper (Huxham and Vanger, 2000) is part of a ten-year-old study conducted as an effort to form practice-oriented theory in collaboration management. This is based on action research and is based on naturally occurring data, rather than relying on questionnaires and interviews. The researchers did not intervene as action research entails, however, the subjects intervened, and the researcher’s closeness leads to them getting data at a very close range. The work was over ten years of people working in different collaborations and partnerships and their involvement in a large number and assortment of community and society partnerships. Throughout these involvements, the articulated incidents, opinions, problems related to the workings, and real actions of contributors were documented as research records in different ways, with notes, charts, videos, and computer-generated cause maps. Different collaborative partnerships were analyzed in great details, in addition, short partnerships and also other research work done in the policy framework was also analyzed. Comments actions and interactions between various participants were recorded immediately through notes any observations or occurrences were also recorded. The workings of collaborations in the specific environment were important contributing factors, however, there was no deliberate seeking of data on the part of the researchers. It was all in the form of actions of the people working the collaborations and discussions with co-workers and colleagues. The interpretation of data was another totally different process with the interpretation of observations, in this case, it was finding and linking clusters of information with was somehow linked to one another.

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