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If one has to travel to Brazil for a visit from the United States he/she will utterly be surprised that in some areas in the vicinity of the Amazon River there is a tribe that prefers cutting limbs of a loved one as a sign of love. Similarly, in some parts of India animals such as goats and buffaloes are slaughtered every year to please their Goddess named Durga. The question is that whether such rituals and cultural differences are accepted by someone who is new to these places.

The similar is the case of people who migrate to the United States from other places as they face a huge culture shock. For instance, the Hmong people who migrate to the United States face similar problems accepting and adapting to entirely new settings. In fact, Hmongs face more problems related to discriminations and racism because maybe due to the reason that people in the United States are indifferent towards other cultures and exhibit problems related to accepting people from other cultures who have different values and cultural backgrounds. For those who are born and raised in the United States……

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