Sample Letter

Words 194

Today when I was searching for some new and good topics for reading, I just find out the topic regarding the issue of “Unlawful act with the Prisoners in Iraq” in New York Times.

I found this text very devoted, truthful and touching to heart, the writer showed the good reasonable focus on the issue and I really like to read something from this author.

To understand the issues I’ve consulted numerous websites, gone through magazines and newspapers. To make a research I’ve gone through several sites like:

And I want to advise or suggest the authorities to take some serious actions on the basis of this topic written on the site and call those maniac officers who are the responsible for this to compensate the prohibited act done with the victims, I also ask to the media that please come across and start some serious campaign according to the topic featured in New York Times.

And in last I really want to thanks to the writer that he/she focused on this serious issue and magnetize people to keep an eye of these kinds of issues will never happen again.

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