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Contraception pills are what cause abortions to occur. If it is seen from a pharmacological point of view, the contraceptive pill should be seen as a pill to be used after abortion (Ralph Miech, Brown University).

The question to be asked should however be considered with how this pill is considered as being contraception? Through various means, women are made to believe that the contraceptive pill is considered to be contraceptive in nature. However the main purpose for which these pills are used is to stop the embryo from developing hence resulting in its death.

One of the primary concerns of this issue is that the terms are often manipulated. The definition of pregnancy and conception need to be changed in order to prevent people from becoming confused with either of these (FDA, ACOG-American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Instead of putting conception and fertilization on an equal plane and defining a woman as pregnant if a living and breathing embryo is found in her body, researchers equate pregnancy and conception along with the plantation of an embryo on a…

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